Be excited about solving your client’s problems

Several months ago, I was having lunch with one of Ballistiq‘s clients and I asked him, “Why on earth did you hire us?” His response to me was kind of funny. He said, “Because you were excited about the project.”


Yes. Excited.

What does that have to do with sales?

Apparently a lot.

This client wasn’t saying that I was all excitement and no substance. What he meant was that I showed a genuine care and concern for the project, and enthusiasm that the project was a cool one that we’d knock out of the park (and we did).

Why? From a client’s point of view:

Being excited means that you care about my project

When you come across as enthusiastic and excited about a project, it means that you are interested in it and that you will actually go the extra mile. Cuz that’s what the client is expecting.

It means that you might actually try to understand the problem and my business

Clients are paying for solutions. Most clients don’t know exactly what they want. Most clients want a problem solved. If you can provide a solution to that problem and show that you are enthusiastic and ready to take on that challenge, then you stand a far higher chance of winning that deal.

Your excitement needs to be genuine

As a customer, I hate over-enthusiastic sales people who are faking it. Your excitement needs to be genuine. The way you communicate this is by asking questions and trying to understand the client’s problems and her needs. Come up with creative, innovative solutions and show that you can meet the challenge.

You need to communicate your excitement with more than words

Watch your body language, your speech, and how you write. It’s not just words that communicate. It’s everything together.

If you’re not excited about my problems, please go away

If the problem doesn’t excite you, don’t take the project, even if you need the money. Trust me, you’ll thank me. 🙂

So be excited about your client’s problems. Care about your clients. You’ll be that much more successful.

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